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 Welcome to the Maxwell-Gunter OSC!

If you can translate this sentence...


We lost our COLA when we PCS'ed from OCONUS for ACSC, and my husband's BDU's went AWOL during our DITY move; but the DLA made up for it, and we found his BDU's when we unpacked the POV at the TLF.

then this is the group for you!

The MGOSC is a group of Air Force spouses stationed in historic Montgomery, Alabama.  Dedicated to promoting the morale and welfare of the military family, the MGOSC offers its members many opportunities for social interaction with monthly programs and special activities, as well as opportunities to raise the quality of life both on the base and in the surrounding community.  Thanks to the funds our volunteers raise at the Thrift Shop every month, we are proud to offer yearly scholarships to military children, as well as numerous donations to charitable causes, both military and civilian.  We are making the most of our time here in Dixie, and know that in the process we will be leaving our base and community the better for our having been stationed here.  So don't be a stranger - ya'll come on out and join us!

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A Message from the President
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Hello!  Welcome to Montgomery.  Whether this is your first time here in Alabama or you were born and raised here, the wonderful southern hospitality will soon make you feel right at home.  I hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved in Montgomery and its surrounding communities and enjoy your stay in Alabama.  Once you've unpacked that last box we invite you to come and see what your Maxwell-Gunter OSC has to offer you.

Our organization is composed of two branches - Charitable and Social.  Our Charitable side provides valuable support to base, community, and national charities, as well as  funding merit-based scholarships to high school dependents here in the Montgomery area.  If you are looking for opportunities to share your time and talents, I strongly encourage you to consider volunteering at the Thrift Shop, our main source of Charitable funds.

Our Social side sponsors monthly luncheons as well as special activities such as Bunko, golf, and book club.  If you don't find the right activity for you, I invite you to introduce your special interest to the group - we're always open to exciting new ideas!  Socials are held on the third Thursday of each month in the Officers' Club.   We hope that these programs not only entertain you, but provide you with an opportunity to get to know your old friends better as well as to make new ones.  We look forward to welcoming you personally to the Maxwell-Gunter area and into our MGOSC family!



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