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Layout Plans

The layout idea came from my daughter's shirt she was wearing. It will be a double page layout with a half of an orange on the outer edge of each page and eight photos on the inner edge of the pages. All photos will be cropped to approximately 3" x 3.5" and lined up vertically.

I will use a sewing machine as a decorative embellishment on the orange segments with two wavy seams and the outer "skin" of the orange with three wavy seams using white thread. I will also sew three wavy seams on the outer matte of the pictures.

Page Title

"Kiddie Park-Orange you sweet" will be written in a small font repeatedly all the way around each orange half.

Paper to be Used

The background paper matches my daughter's shirt color.


A simple synopsis of the day's events will be written in a small space between each photograph. (Here is where I would make a request for you to e-mail me with any journaling you wish to have included.)

Photos to be Included

Photos for first page of layout. All to be cropped to approximately 3 x 3.5".

Photos for second page of layout. All to be cropped to approximately 3 x 3.5".

Photos Not to be Used

Contact me with your approval of page layout, any ideas you may have, or changes you wish to be made at

Completed Layout

Once I have completed the layout I will e-mail you with another link back to your website for you to view.

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